Dor.Ky D&D Ltd. - דור.קי פיתוח ושיווק בע"מ
Development & Marketing of Veterinary and Plant protection products
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  Dor.Ky - Company Profile

Dor.Ky D&D Ltd. is a family owned company which was founded by Dr. Kobi Yegana, Ph.D in Animal Immunology and Physiology from the Faculty of Agriculture at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. The company is based on the knowledge accumulated by Dr. Yegana during 30 years of experience in the field of veterinary and plant protection products. Dor.Ky has the technology, experience and knowledge needed to develop, manufacture, register and distribute unique, innovative, generic/parallel, and even custom made products, according to costumer demand.

Dor.Ky offers a wide range of veterinary and plant protection products, all of them registered in compliance with the guidelines and regulations of the Israeli authorities.

The company is certified by the ISO 9001-2008 management system standards. is involved in developing, manufacturing, registering and marketing of high quality products in different categories:

  • Disinfectants
  • Insecticides
  • Plant Protection
  • Feed additives
  • Various products for Dogs, Cats and other pets
  • Products for Horses, Cattle and other animals
  • Vaccine distribution

Our goal is to provide quality, innovative and competitive products for our clients, without compromising on the safety of the end user and the environment. The company is fully accountable for the high quality of its products and offers guidance and assistance to its customers.

Dor.Ky prides itself for having strict high standards of quality. Our products are under constant surveillance of quality control laboratories which are controlled and certified by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.

To assist us in the research and development, we have a team of veterinarians, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, masters of agricultural science and laboratory technicians at our disposal.

Dor.Ky distributes some of her own products and products made by others, through its own network of distribution. Dor.Ky also works with top distributors in Israel and around the world to achieve a wider spread for her products in deferent areas. The company exports its products to various foreign markets such as: former USSR countries, Bulgaria, Cyprus, South America, East Asia and Africa.

Export has become an increasing part of our company activities. Our export sales team is well experienced in dealing with international markets and all related aspects.

Dor.Ky is a flexible and dynamic company which constantly seeks to improve its line of products by working on developing and registering new, advanced and innovative products to broaden its frontiers until the highest possible level has been reached.